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Norwegian Travel Company is a premium brand aiming to offer high-quality experience-based tourism in selected unique destinations in Norway. From the fjords to the mountains. From the sandy beaches to the rough cliffs. From urban buzz to the massive stillness of the old mountains. We wish to inspire people to explore the treasures to be found in Norway. At our destinations you can explore amazing nature, good food and exciting activities all year round.

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There is no risk booking with us. If you have to cancel your order – for whatever reason – and there is more than 48 hrs to departure you'll get a full refund.

Wide range of unique experiences

We wish to inspire you to explore the treasures of Norway. At our destinations you can explore nature, good food and exciting activities all year round.

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The Arctic Capital

In Tromsø you get the best of both worlds – spectacular nature experiences and different cultural activities. Though most tourists come to chase the northern light, see the whales or experience the fjords, the arctic capital also offers a wide variety of urban qualities. The streets are filled with shops, cafés and restaurants – and if you are interested, the nightlife is quite famous.

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Experiences in Tromsø


The wildest of Norway

Romsdalen offers unique experiences amongst beautiful fjords and a dramatic mountain landscape with attractions such as Romsdaleggen, Rampestreken, Trollveggen and Trollstigen. The Rauma Line takes you on a 14.2 kilometres long scenic railway journey between Åndalsnes and Dombås. The Romsdalen Gondola gives you more options to tackle the mountains, where you can hike up to a peak and take the gondola down, or the other way around, all while enjoying the amazing views in the area.

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The most beautiful place on earth?

The Lofoten archipelago is known for its dramatic scenery with mountains and fjords, open sea, coves, beaches, fishing, small villages and large areas of unspoilt nature. Not to mention spectacular views of the Northern Lights. Sightseeing in the amazing fjords of Lofoten, allows you to get the most out of the archipelago as you can experience the wildlife, fishing, aquaculture, local villages and the beautiful island group of Lofoten up close.

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