Romsdalen offers unique experiences amongst beautiful fjords and a dramatic mountain landscape with attractions such as Romsdaleggen, Rampestreken, Trollveggen and Trollstigen. The Rauma Line takes you on a 14.2 kilometres long scenic railway journey between Åndalsnes and Dombås. The Romsdalen Gondola gives you more options to tackle the mountains, where you can hike up to a peak and take the gondola down, or the other way around, all while enjoying the amazing views in the area.

The Romsdalen Gondola (Romsdalsgondolen) is a gondola running from the center of Åndalsnes up to Nesaksla. The gondola offers flexible ways to enjoy the nature sights in this region. Whether you choose to get a two way ticket or a one way ticket is all up to you. You can take the gondola to Nesaksla and walk back, which will give you the opportunity to visit Rampestreken on your way down. You can also walk to Rampestreken from the centre of Åndalsnes (approximately 1,5 hours) and then continue an extra 15 minutes up to the mountain station and take the gondola down.

If you are up for a longer trip, Romsdaleggen is a popular peak with amazing views over Romsdalen. You can walk here from Vengedalen in Isfjorden, a hike that takes around 5-8 hours before reaching the end of the ridge, known as Nesaksla. From here you can take the gondola down or you can choose to walk and stop by Rampestreken.

Eggen restaurant is also located on Nesaksla, so make sure to stop by for a nice meal once you reach the top. Here you can enjoy great local food with amazing mountain views in all directions.

For a more extreme adventure there are also climbing routes to explore. You can get to Nesaksla via an introduction route, which entails 1-2 hours of climbing, or the Vestveggen which consists of 2-3 hours of climbing. The introduction route ends right by Rampestreken allowing you to continue up to Nesaksla by foot with the option of taking the gondola down.

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